There is one constant throughout our lives. One thing that stays with us from the first day to the last. Our body. Everything else comes and goes, but our body is with us for the whole journey.

A healthy routine of clean eating and frequent exercise are a given. But what about the outside of our bodies? Men should have access to body care that is artful and sophisticated, yes safe. So what's available out there that meets this criteria? My own search yielded a disappointing lack of clean, natural, and organic options.

We created Olivina Men because we think our bodies deserve more. That's why we started with simple, time-honored ingredients. We believe that our commitment to these ingredients has resulted in superior products. And it all began with organic olive oil, hence the name of our collection.

My great grandfather provided for his family in Lebanon with an olive orchard. The art of farming, harvesting, and production has been part of my heritage for over 150 years. When my father moved to America, he left the family business behind. And although I did not carry on the family business immediately, somehow the olives found their way back to me.

Often, the most simple solutions are the most effective. We believe everything we need to take care of our bodies is growing all around us. And after dedicating our efforts to sourcing healthful natural ingredients, everything else followed suit. This sleek, clean line of men's body care is you-friendly, earth-friendly, and wallet-friendly.

We are incredibly proud of the products we have created. We hope you enjoy.